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Name: Anise
Age: 23
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 115
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English



Hi there stranger, I will make my way to your memory vault and recall your first admiration from the first crush. The yearning of her first touch and haunting desires is something one doesn’t forget so easily. I will reignite the fire of your imagination and make your heart pump blood a lot faster. I will take you back to that particular electric hunger which you might be missing for many years. With me you will feel elated, inspired and will galvanize your heightened joy. Please let me act as your female fatale and you will see what I am truly capable of.  

It is important that you make time out of your busy schedule to tame your inner beast. The constant pressure of reasonability might be too much to handle and it is important to provide yourself with special nourishment. My purpose of life is to inspire others to reach happiness and full satisfaction. Every minute with me will be etched in your memory. You must have already checked out my photo, so I don’t need to bore you about my qualities. I understand that you are looking for a genuine whose passion and aspects stirs you up. If group activities are your things then do email me or call me on the given number.